4 Steps to implement Pay Per Click (PPC).

5 min readJun 19, 2018

The revolution of the Internet, including online stores, has been a thing for years now. Let’s say you have a website that either sells products/services or showcases content.

How do you get people to see it: organically or use PPC?

Quick definition: “Pay per click — PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.” Via WordStream.

This can easily be compared to the push vs pull marketing. Confused? A pull strategy attracts the consumer towards the product. A push strategy is where the product is being pushed towards the consumer. A Pay Per Click campaign does just that. You are pushing your website towards your targeted audience.

If you think this might be the tool that you need to showcase your product/ service/ content, then follow a few simple steps.

1. Create your AdWords account.

Setting it up is the easy part of it. Now, the platform itself comes with a lot of tips and help. You might feel overwhelmed by the amount of technical terms used, but don’t despair. Try making a trial campaign(s) at first. You know what they say, the best way to learn is through practice.

Therefore, give yourself some time before running campaigns from which you would expect to see some proper business results. Try different audiences for your product/service. Try different copy-writing to see what fits best and different visuals to make sure you attract the crown you want.

2. Send traffic to specific landing pages.

As I said previously, you can drive traffic to your website in order to achieve more sales, but you need to be very specific on what product you showcase. For example if you make an ad for a wine brand, but the link you attach is the Homepage of your website, that’s not gonna bring you any results, isn’t it?

When it comes to promoting a product through the digital space, you need to be very specific and clear of the action that a person needs to take in order to act as you would expect. One thing that many people seem to forget is that we are lazy, so if we need to make an effort to get to your product (that, most of the time, we don’t need), we already lost interest.

3. Improve message for high quality conversion score.

When you create the ad for your product, make sure to keep improving your message. In this way, you are getting the best out of the results that the budget and Adset can get you.

Depending on your objective, try out different ways of displaying content:

  • Search Network Ad: the key words are the most important part. In the beginning we advise you to make a research of the most common words for your website. Google has the perfect tool for that. After you launched your campaign, keep improving them by removing or adding more.
  • Display Network Ad: one tip, coming from our experience, make your visuals simple and clear. The audience won’t have patience to read a novel or to try and understand the message. It needs to be love at first sight. Also, the budget and audience let’s you know an estimated reach for your campaign.
  • Re-marketing* Ad: make your website visitors come back to the website by simply keeping your brand/product in mind. You can show different visuals depending on what page they clicked on or what they were interested. How many times have you googled something that you were interested in and, afterwards, you got promotions from a certain website you clicked with the very specific thing you googled? That is re-marketing.
  • YouTube Network Ads: these need a bit more attention. For the the others you just needed a simple static visual, which might be working fine here too. But, YouTube needs more. And more comes in the form of a video. Here we are moving towards advertising type of production. You can make the video through stock videos, animation or proper video production. Our advice is to see how much you should invest in it and choose which one is the best for you.

*after the GDPR compliance that will be applied on the EU territory, the re-marketing option might not be available anymore, unless the visitors specifically accept their data to be tracked.

4. Why should you invest in this?

As a business owner, your interested is to make your business prosper, right? Well, investing in PPC does just that. It can help you reach a new audience you didn’t even knew could be interested in your product.

An expert on PPC can help you boost your sales through different PPC strategies and tools. In this way you have a person (or a group) that is following trends and changes in the digital space. This information is the base of growing your reach and results through PPC. You can take advantage of a certain trend to get people to know your brand or product. Or you can be the first one to implement a new change and step in front of everyone else in the business.

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