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subsign is an awarded digital agency. We create marketing strategies and content that bring real business results.

I’m Manu, a Bucharest-based freelance illustrator. I studied Graphics at the National University of Arts George Enescu and I was an Erasmus student at Facultad de Bellas Artes, in Spain.

Guest: Dopinguin.

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Subsign: First, can you tell us a few things about yourself?

Dopinguin: Hi! My name is Dopinguin. I’m an illustrator and tattoo artist from Russia. Now I live and work in Germany in the beautiful city of Frankfurt am Main.

So…what’s Clubhouse and how can you get in?

🔵 Back to oral storytelling.

For the first time in history since the Gutenberg revolution, the most shared content worldwide is once more vocal based. Video and Podcast are driving a
cultural change which is now challenging the written media by being more accessible and encouraging multitasking while approaching new content.

Started in the spring of 2020, Clubhouse is an audio-only chat app based on
thematic interests. Developed for iOS and available for now only on iPhone, the app download is based on the user’s invitation (up to 5). …

Made with 💙 by Subsign

Surikatta is a child company of the larger G4S. They approached us in designing the UI&UX for an iOS App aimed at the US market. The main goal of the app is to create a cohesive and friendly ecosystem with their smart home devices and a social platform where users can warn one another in case of danger.

At first, similar to Nest and Ring, Surikatta wants to take the home security idea even further, giving access to your family members, getting notifications from the community, receiving alerts from the local authorities.


1. Make sure that your product or service has a clear value proposition.

IMPORTANT. Answer these questions honestly and well before anything:

● Do you have the right team in place?

● Who is the target market?

● How would you describe your product or service in a quick elevator pitch?

● What do customers receive when exchanging money for your offer?

● What is your USP? (USP means “ unique selling proposition ” and refers to the one thing that distinguishes your offering from all others.)

● Why should people pay attention to what you are selling?

2. Decide…

Having clients from different industries challenges us, but also helps us improve with every project that we take to deliver the wow.

TGI Term is a regional company that was founded in 1995 and activates in the construction sector. Their objective is to deliver high standards services with a German quality. They work both B2C and B2B, having a wide range of projects in terms of urban development.

Their promise to each customer is: Safety and protection with dedicated solutions for their needs.

What’s a brand?

“A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good…

SPLEND’EAT is a small restaurant in Iași, Romania, that started with the desire to bring a healthier and fresher option for meals to the people. Their vision is to prepare tasty food with fresh ingredients and every single time you eat it, to feel good, to feel “SPLEND’EAT”. They are located in a mall, in the food court area, so that means they have to stand out somehow, among the other food vendors around there. They aim to target and to engage with the 16–35 demographics.

The guidelines.

The business has identified two main age segments for which they’re building their products…

Our plan to bring storytelling and character development to a fast food business:

The Brief

Trey is a local Iasi, Romania start-up that focuses on automized gourmet burgers.

When we started talking with the team at Trey we had already a few pieces set, but the overall brand was missing an overall story, mouthpiece and voice to it.

They had a unique futuristic location design, with giant screens that played on loop animations of their “eyes”.

Did you know Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory used a smartwatch?

Or that The Jetsons were already using curved Smart TVs?

Cartoons were a part of our childhood, but if we look now, we can discover similarities with what’s trending today in UX/Product Design.

This was my intention when I started the IG series. At first it was just one cartoon, but I managed to reach a 6-part series (for now) covering Dexter, Jetsons, Wille E. Coyote, Dragon Ball Z, Johnny Quest and Batman.

More than beats the eye

Now older and (hopefully) wiser when I go back and watch an old cartoon, my mind automatically…

Cuptorul Moldovencei case study/work by subsign

At the beginning of March we were very intrigued about what will happen to the world due to COVID-19. But 2 weeks later we would learn very quickly that this isn’t something to play around with. We packed our laptops and anything important from the office and continued our work from home. Sadly enough, a part of our clients didn’t follow.

Some of them were forced to take a break and others had to rethink their strategies and partnerships in order to make it through the emergency state.

A new hope.

Luckily enough, other clients saw this as an opportunity.

If your biggest…


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