Analytics how to interpret data and what does it mean.

— Part 2. Social Media edition

Social Media edition

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Social Media Metrics

Given the wide variety of things a person can do on social media platforms, there are potentially hundreds of metrics that can be analyzed when it comes to SM, some unique to the platform, while others common to all platforms. The key thing is to identify and analyze the ones that can be correlated to your business and communication objectives and can help you gain insights and relevant info. Metrics that are not correlated to your business and communication objectives are called “Vanity numbers”.

Which metrics are important?

As mentioned above, not every business uses social media platforms with the same goals. Having clear objectives is a key thing in determining which metrics are important to you. Let’s take a look at a few examples for you to better understand how this works.

Brand Awareness

If your objective is to enhance your brand awareness, there are quite a few metrics you have to look at:


To better understand if your social media strategy drives traffic to your website, transforming them into leads, take a look at the number of post clicks and correlate it with the number of link clicks (prior to that you have to make sure that your posts have links with the appropriate UTM parameters). You can also take a look at the Google analytics data, in order to get a clearer picture of the process.

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