Quick guide into Clubhouse

So…what’s Clubhouse and how can you get in?

For the first time in history since the Gutenberg revolution, the most shared content worldwide is once more vocal based. Video and Podcast are driving a
cultural change which is now challenging the written media by being more accessible and encouraging multitasking while approaching new content.

Started in the spring of 2020, Clubhouse is an audio-only chat app based on
thematic interests. Developed for iOS and available for now only on iPhone, the app download is based on the user’s invitation (up to 5). So you need somebody in Clubhouse to get in there.

Who‘s listening?

Clubhouse has 2 Million active users (Jan 2021) and has now topped 8 Million global downloads (Feb 2021). Topics range from tech to society and culture.

Conversations in Clubhouse can be one to one, or might include several people listening to a talk. In this case, the user needs to create a topic and invite people to talk about it. However, the biggest potential is forecast in public events.

Welcome to “The Room”.

Conversations in Clubhouse take place in rooms. Within each room, you can be a moderator, a speaker, or a listener. While social media is portrayed as highly inclusive, moderation is still a big part of any conversation. Users can be accepted, muted, or removed by a room.

Parallel chatting.

You can follow a room and still have a separate conversation with your friends
or other people attending an event. The interface is designed to suggest new
connections and topics in order to increase interest and cooperation amongst users.


The app provides you with the number of people connected to your room, a figure that actually represents the audience of your event.

  1. Network. Engage with like-minded professionals.
  2. PR and Press Conferencing. Engage with journalists and reward them with a cool invitation.
  3. B2C Public events. Talk about your products and services to a qualified target.
  4. B2B Private events. Make room for other professionals.

Rising, but still proudly niche.

The success of this media is capitalizing on the current moment, where it’s still exclusive and hosts a qualified community.

Beware of the netiquette.

Those who talk the longest tend to monopolize users’ attention. The line
between conversation and podcast is still blurred.

Content identity.

Your style in using Clubhouse should be different and complementary to your
podcast and video channels.

Use it in a social media system.

Incorporate this media into a larger stream, even beyond social. Engage the
press, propose relaunches with your other digital and non-digital properties.

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